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The Radiologist

Dr. Savannah Shortz is a board certified chiropractic radiologist. In addition to her private consulting practice, she also is a professor and clinical radiologist at Life Chiropractic College West. 

The Radiology Report

To better serve the treating chiropractor and their patients, radiology reports are completed within 48 hours.

Get Started

Becoming a client is fast and easy. With a quick phone call and setup, sending images to our HIPAA compliant PACS system is safe and allows for prompt interpretation of your patients' diagnostic images. 

Fast & Thorough Reads & Reports

Whether you have a challenging case or simply need a routine read,  we're here to serve you so you can better serve your patients. Our radiology reports address not only radiographic pathology, but also biomechanics to ensure all clinical questions and concerns are answered. Take comfort in having an expert radiographic read and report to provide to your patients.

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